Pressure Washing FAQs

Pressure Washing FAQs

Q. What are the benefits of pressure washing?

  • Also commonly referred to as power washing, pressure washing is the use of high-pressure water spraying for cleaning exterior surfaces. The specially designed pumps are what creates a higher pressure than what you get from a garden hose. It's ideal for cleaning away dirt, mildew, or stubborn stains on otherwise difficult to clean surfaces.

Q. Do I need pressure washing?

  • Every home and business needs pressure washing. Determining how often you should use power washing services is determined by factors such as the amount of shade you have or the weather conditions for that year. Professional exterior cleaning helps to protect and beautify and may also be mandatory for maintaining your warranty for specific exterior components.

Q. Can I DIY power washing for my home?

  • Home improvement stores sell and rent power washing equipment, which is a service that's best left to the pros. Pressure washing poses the threat of personal injury and property damage when mishandled. Why take the risk when you can leave the job to industry experts?

Q. What's the difference between pressure washing and soft washing?

  • As the terms imply, pressure washing uses high-pressure water for cleaning, while soft washing uses a gentler technique. Both are effective, but soft washing is safer. The soft washing approach relies on cleaning solutions to leave behind a clean surface, instead of the sheer force of water spray.

Q. Why is roof cleaning important?

  • It's a common misconception that exterior cleaning is about the curb appeal. Cleaning the outside of your home is also about preventative care, especially for your roof. You need a professional cleaning and a gentle approach to clean your roof safely but effectively. This helps rid your rooftop of potentially damaging substances like algae and fungus.

Q. Why should I hire Somerset County's Finest?

  • There are plenty of good reasons to rely on Somerset County's Finest for your pressure washing services. We have the training, skills, and experience to provide you with total customer satisfaction. Plus, we work with residential and commercial clients, are fully insured, and offer a free estimate. Call us today and find out firsthand why we're the best choice for local area pressure washing services.

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