Make Improvements To Your Home's Exterior With Our Professional Paver Stone Restoration Service

Paver stone restoration

Although we start with pressure washing pavers when performing paver stone restoration, the cleaning process is only the beginning. Although our intensive cleaning process can practically work miracles, sometimes the damage is more extensive. When paver cleaning isn't enough but you'd like to avoid replacement, our paver stone restoration is the perfect solution.

The restoration process requires multiple steps, the first being pressure washing for a clean surface. This removes debris along with old polymeric joint sand.

From there, we'll level stones that have sunken over time. Following the preparation process, we'll move on to re-sanding the joints with new polymeric joint sand. Finally, for customers who'd like sealing, this would complete the process.

Will My Pavers Look Good Again?

At Somerset County's Finest, our pressure washing service alone can do wonders for your pavers. However, for homeowners looking for a way not just to improve their pavers but actually restore them and the surface area that's been created, paver stone restoration is the more appropriate service to request.

Once your pavers need repairs, have shifted, and have a built-up layer of dirt, a more intensive process is more effective. Our restoration work is ideal for helping with:

  • Improving the appearance of your pavers and the entire property
  • Removing slippery substances that pose a safety hazard
  • Making repairs to avoid or prolong replacement
  • Maximize the longevity of your pavers
  • Increase the value of your property

Your landscaping is only as beautiful as the weakest link, and a dirty paver walkway or patio is going to become the focal point. Whether you're thinking about listing your home for sale or would like to make improvements for your personal enjoyment, paver restoration is a much-needed job to include on your to-do checklist.

Restoration Or Replacement - Which One Is Better?

Whenever possible, we like to salvage the pavers that already are in place if that's what the customer wants. If you're ready for a whole new look, then that's a different story. However, if you're still satisfied with the look and layout but need your pavers freshened up, restoration is the best option.

If the original construction of your patio, walkway, or driveway was of good quality, there's no reason to start over. Call us for professional restoration service to improve the appearance and condition and get many more years of use from your pavers.

Contact a member of the team here at Somerset County's Finest, and let's discuss paver stone restoration options for your Bridgewater home.

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