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Paver cleaning

Somerset County's Finest is the ideal resource for paver cleaning and other pressure washing services. The key to successful cleaning for your pavers is to make sure they're not damaged in the process.

However, this is a common occurrence for homeowners who try the DIY route. Although stores like to promote renting or purchasing equipment to do your power washing, they rarely follow through with training.

Guess who is responsible for damage to your pavers or other exterior surfaces when you cause damage with pressure washing machinery? Even worse, without adequate training, you can also cause personal injuries.

Leave the difficult and potentially harmful work to our pros, and you won't have a thing to worry about. Get in touch with our reliable team and get the exceptional results that you want for your paver cleaning job.

Reap The Benefits of Professional Paver Cleaning

In most cases, pavers need strong cleaning, like power washing, as opposed to soft washing. However, if you have a walkway or patio that's already compromised with cracks and other issues, a gentler cleaning method might be the best approach.

Either way, you need paver cleaning and here are some of the benefits that you can expect:

  • Improve Curb Appeal
  • Remove Safety Hazards
  • Cleanup Slippery Substances
  • Protect the Integrity
  • Make Them Look New Again

The primary concern is more about safety than looks, although both should matter to homeowners. Pavers are used in areas with foot traffic.

When gunk builds up like algae, mold, or moss, this makes the surface slick. A slippery surface is a potential slip and fall hazard for anyone using your pavers.

Take Good Care of Your Pavers

Your pavers are like any other component of your home - they require maintenance. Part of this upkeep involves cleaning them, and it's a job that's best left to pros.

Our team of industry experts has the training, skills, experience, and equipment to get the job done. The concern is that power washing, in the wrong hands, can damage pavers.

This is a common issue that arises for homeowners cleaning new pavers. Standard pressure washing techniques can damage the surface finish.

For older pavers, this cleaning method can exacerbate already existing problems like cracks. Our pros will approach your exterior cleaning service with care and treat your home with respect. That means assessing when to use power washing and when to use soft washing.

Either way, you end up with a clean but damage-free exterior. Make the call today and schedule your paver cleaning with our experts.

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