Gum Removal Service For Cleanliness And Sanitation

Gum removal

At Somerset County's Finest, we've seen and taken care of it all when it comes to gum removal. Gum ends up stuck to concrete and sidewalks, under benches and on walls.

Basically, everywhere you don't want gum for your commercial facility, there it will be. We're the pressure washing pros business owners know to trust for superior gum removal service.

We understand that it's not just unsightly since sometimes you can't even see it. However, it's disgusting, sticky, and can cause your customers to take their business to your competition if you're not careful.

Creating a Healthy Commercial Environment

Savvy business owners know the value and importance of a service like an exterior building wash. However, in between those extensive washes, you still need to monitor the smaller details.

Gum removal is a prime example of tasks business owners overlook, and then wonder why sales are down. Leaving a space filthy is a surefire way to turn off potential clients.

Sadly, it's also a way to lose even the most loyal customers for good. Our removal service rids your exterior surfaces of gum which is crucial for reasons such as:

  • Sanitation and Disinfection
  • Reduce the Spread of Communicable Diseases
  • Improve the Appearance
  • Avoid Ruining Personal Property
  • Show You Care

There's nothing less appealing than an organization that doesn't appear to care about their building, customers, employees, or business in general. Even if you do care, that's not the message you're conveying to others if you neglect to keep conditions tidy.

Removing chewing gum isn't an easy task, and that's why you have us to delegate the job to. Somerset County's Finest will go above and beyond to provide you with exceptional service and results.

Removing Gum From Concrete And Other Outdoor Locations

You can't help but notice those black spots on sidewalks left behind as chewing gum becomes one with the concrete. Unfortunately, some business owners don't seem to notice those marks when it's their own property.

Failure to deal with this problem promptly and regularly can make things worse. Apparent signs of discarded gum seem to invite others to do away with their gum in the same manner.

Keep your outdoor space as free from used gum, and you're less likely to attract more of it. Plus, you make your customers feel better about being in your commercial space and doing business with you.

The process of removing gum should take into consideration:

  • Concrete Age
  • Concrete Condition
  • Amount of Gum
  • Plan for Least Disruption in Business
  • Removing Stains

Call us today and schedule a time to have our experts take care of your gum removal.

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